Increase Efficiency. Reduce Paperwork. Grow Profits.

Meet SmarterCerts. The simple, intuitive, and powerful application for scale service and support companies. NO SPECIAL EQUIPMENT NEEDED. Do you have an Android phone or tablet? A PC with internet? You’re ready to go!

What is SmarterCerts?

SmarterCerts is a cloud based web and mobile application that helps scale companies move from paper to digital (PDF) based calibration certificates. Your customers then get a more professional and easier to read certificate which is available to them online. No more storing paper certificates for your customers. The mobile application component also takes a lot of the guess work out of the inspection process allowing your technicians to work faster.


SmarterCerts helps you manage the work. It identifies upcoming jobs that you assign to your techs. You can monitor progress against each task, and when certificates are completed in the field, they are available online as soon as the technician has a network connection and can publish their inspection data.

Technician Efficiency

Goodbye disorganized stack of forms. The SmarterCerts mobile app gives your techs instant access to job instructions, scale locations, model and serial numbers, test points, and more on their mobile phone or tablet. No laptop required.

Customer Satisfaction

Give your customers searchable online access to digital copies of all their certificates 24/7. Certificates look professional too because there’s no more illegible handwriting.

Business Insights

SmarterCerts monitors and flags “problem” scales giving you increased sales opportunities. When techs spot sales opportunities, they can quickly pass the lead on.