We built SmarterCerts for ourselves first.

Now it can benefit your business.

We had a simple mission: a better management system for the scale business.

At SmarterCerts, it’s our goal to deliver an easy-to-use solution for the scale industry that’s so useful it’s a no brainer. We want to provide you with all the tools you need to run your business day-in and day-out. Our team is highly dedicated with a passion for problem solving and a commitment to excellence.

It all started with one scale company who couldn’t find a software solution to help them manage their business. So we built one. After some fine tuning, we put it to work and the reaction from the staff and technicians was entirely enthusiastic. It wasn’t long before other scale companies started to ask about our software. We think SmarterCerts’ success lies in its focus. The system isn’t some CRM or ERP platform jerry-rigged to serve the needs of the scale business. It was built from the ground-up with the input of professionals in the industry and always with an eye to serving the unique needs of the scale business. If you haven’t taken SmarterCerts for a test drive, we hope you’ll give us a chance to show you how much it can improve your business.

Working with us... it's a partnership


We pride ourselves on responsive and efficient support. During normal business hours most support requests will be handled within 1 hour.


We actively encourage feedback from our customers and continuely integrate new features and modifications based on that feedback.

Growing Your Business

Our goal is to help you grow your business and profits. We do this by providing tools to make your employees job easier and exceeding your customers expectations.


Kurt Koenig

CEO / Founder

Aaron King

Director of Technology

Andrew Royce

Lead Developer - Mobile

Kevin Koenig

Service Manager

We Have Come A Long Way

Our Start

The first version of SmarterCerts was launched in early 2012 and was tested by our partner scale company.

The early days

The first version supported only single branch scale companies and had minimal test options.


As more scale companies heard about our software we learned very quickly that the software needed to be more configurable. We have continued to integrate new features based on customer feedback in an effort to provide the most flexibility possible.


SmarterCerts has now evolved into a feature rich system that can handle the most complex of business needs. It is also time tested by many scale companies over the past years so you can feel confident in the accuracy and reliability of our software.

Aaron King

Director of Technology @ SmarterCerts

"We believe that SmarterCerts is the future of data-driven platforms for scale service companies. Providing customers with immediate access to their certificates is becoming a major competitive advantage in the industry."