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Service Manager Tools

Create, schedule and assign jobs to specific technicians.

SmarterCerts gives service managers powerful tools for creating jobs, scheduling them and assigning them to one or many technicians. Assigned jobs are instantly conveyed to each technician’s mobile device allowing them to quickly share information about the job and collaborate.


Monitor and track jobs in progress.

Once jobs are assigned, service managers can track the progress on the job in real time. As soon as a technician publishes a scale in the system the results are available to review. It allows a manager to quickly identify scale issues and to assign additional resources if required.


Reduce time spent reviewing jobs or managing paperwork.

SmarterCerts creates a paperless approach for managing inspections. When inspections are finished, certificates can be reviewed and approved online. Once approved, the system can email certificates directly to customers and they are available for viewing online through the customer portal.


Never leave a service lead behind.

Once a job is completed, if further service is required, the system sends a notice to the service manager. It’s efficient and streamlines the follow-up process.

Field Technician Tools

Goodbye dreaded paperwork

The SmarterCerts mobile app means technicians no longer need to carry bulky stacks of forms in addition to their test weights. Inspections are received and completed directly on a mobile phone or tablet. No more tri-copy paper and pens.


Improved certificate accuracy and appearance

SmarterCerts provides tools that improve the quality of your certificates including:

  • Having test points and tolerances calculated by the system.
  • System rules that ensure certificate data are entered completely every time.
  • Selecting test weight serial numbers from a drop down box to eliminate hand entry.
  • Generating PDF versions of certificates that eliminate handwritten notes.

Detailed job information

Technicians can spend less time in meetings and have the details they need at their fingertips. Through SmarterCerts, technicians can review:

  • Scale locations at the work site.
  • Scale model, serial number and customer identification number.
  • All test points for Shift and Strain tests including tolerances.
  • Red/Green color coded Pass/Fail on all test points including shifts (instant feedback for the technician on pass/fail status).

Updates to schedules and job assignments available in the field

Because jobs get assigned and distributed electronically, field technicians are immediately aware of changes to their schedule or newly assigned jobs. Jobs assigned to more than one technician are also automatically removed if another technician completes the work.


More billable time for inspecting scales

Once an inspection form is filled out on the technician’s mobile phone, the information is instantly transmitted and updated in the SmarterCerts system. This makes the technician free to move on to a new job without having to worry about delivering multiple paper copies back to the office.

Sales Manager Tools

Easy and immediate notification of potential sales opportunities.

As the service manager reviews inspections, the system shows if a scale has a history of failed inspections. This allows them to alert the sales manager of the opportunity.


Review certificate history to identify customer needs.

Sales managers have easy access to the service and calibration records for all customers. It’s the perfect tool for identifying upgrade or replacement sales opportunities.

Customer Tools

24/7 access to scale certificates.

SmarterCerts creates a unique portal for each customer through which they have access to all their scale certificates. No more hassling with after hour calls for certificate requests from customers.


Increase customer loyalty.

Moving away from paper to an online system adds a level of convenience for your customers that they won’t find from providers who still rely on paper. Also, the quality and accuracy of customer certificates is improved.

System Security

Safe and redundant hosting environment.

SmarterCerts is hosted in Google Cloud, one of the largest and most secure public cloud systems in the world. In addition to all of the industry leading security provided natively by that platform our own security includes:

  • Encryption of all data communication between your web browser and mobile devices using 4096 bit SSL.
  • Protection of accounts from brute force password attacks by our automatic account lockout mechanism.
  • Assignment of unique encryption keys for all account passwords.
  • Enforcement of strong passwords for all accounts and users.
  • Deployment on server dedicated only to SmarterCerts software.

Data always securely backed up.

Our unique 3 stage backup system ensures you will never lose customer data. In addition to real time databackup to a location outside of Google cloud, your data is replicated inside of Google Cloud to another region.

US Based Support

When you need help, we're here for you. All support is handled directly by our developers and technical staff. Submit tickets online via our convienent ticketing system or call our office during normal business hours.