Choose a plan that's right for you

SmarterCerts has plans that scale with your needs. Subscribe to a plan that fits the size of your business.

Monthly pricing is based on usage. All plans include all features.



Up to 3 Technicians

Up to 5,000 certs/year

Setup Fee: $995



Up to 5 Technicians

5,000 to 10,000 certs/year

Setup Fee: $1495


Custom Pricing

7 or more Technicians

10,000+ certs/year

Setup Fee: Custom

Getting Started

What if I use SmarterCerts for a few months, but then I decided it’s not a fit for my business?

A complete export of your data can be provided to you at any point in time.

What happens if I exceed my yearly certificates?

Certificate and technician counts will be monitored on a quarterly basis. If your usage has exceeded the quantity specified by the plan, you will be automatically upgraded to the next plan.

How long is the free trial?

There is no specific time limit on the trial. You may test the software as long as needed in order to make your final decision.

How SmarterCerts Works

What devices can i use the technician app on?

At this time we support only Android phones and Tablets. However, it is possible to use an Android emulator on Windows based tablets, computers, and laptops to run the technician app.

Will the technician app work when there is no internet connection at a customer site?

Yes, technicians can complete their work in areas with poor or no internet connections. When the technician gets to a place with internet access the inspection data can then be published.

How does SmarterCerts differ from other solutions?

SmarterCerts was built from the ground up to service the needs of scale service businesses. Our unique approach allows for complete customization of your inspection process and certificates. Our aim is to provide a solution that covers 99% of your inspection needs via the software. In cases where a unique solution is needed that is not supported out of the box, our team will work with you to develop the required features.

Security and Integrations

Is my data secured?

Your data security is of critical importance to us.

  • All communication is encrypted via industry standard SSL
  • We use industry standard encryption to secure all passwords
  • All servers are hosted in GCE (Google Compute Engine) behind their firewalls
  • We use a custom 3 stage approach to data backup where your data is stored 2 times within GCE and 1 time outside of GCE
  • Data backups are encrypted in transit and at rest
  • Each installation of SmarterCerts is 100% isolated and does not share content or data with any other customers
For your customers and technicians, you supply the username and password. If a customer or technician leaves, you have the ability to deactivate the user account at any point in time.

Do you support any 3rd party integrations?

We do not support any 'out of the box' integration with 3rd parties. However, many of our customers choose to integrate with us in a variety of ways such as with ERP systems, service management systems, and scheduling systems. These types of integration will be discussed during the setup phase.